Tenants Priced Out!

   Renters Right Events 

 Come and join with Community Alliance of Tenantsrenter advocates at:  Gresham City Hall

Tues. November 21st

@3PM   supporting  Gresham renters campaigning for renter protections, against gentrification following Rockwood Urban Renewal proposed projects. 

Senator Michael 

Dembrow listened to tenant's housing concerns and gave his perspective on the proposed HB2004 legislation gaining traction during Lobby Day at the State Capital. 

     Tenants Speak Out

Learn about LEGISLATIVE ACTIONS - Listen to March 2nd testimoney 9AM Session HB2004 

     Advocacy     Support    Think Tank

  • We capturetenant stories  print & video
  • We  link tenants withcommunity resources
  • We campaign for tenant rights in  our cities and state capital.  
  • Speaking out against all forms of tenant abuse.
  • We work in tandem with other tenantgroups, organizations, developing  creative solutions.

         Surviving the Monopoly Rental Market 

          Our Supporters

The fear of losing ones' home is a agonizing stressor especially for low/fixed income tenants (seniors and people with disabilities, single parents, part-time low wage earners) and those experiencing hourly cut-backs and job loss.   Tenants live under constant threat of being priced out and or displaced due to no cause evictions, property sales and owner move-backs.

​   Survival Means Preparing for Relocation 

  • Research new affordable housing projects 
  • Sign up on multiple housing wait-lists 
  • Watch for signs of  pending sale activity at your residence  ( men and women in suits inspecting the facility and sudden refurbishing of units, replacing cabinets, bathroom fixtures, carpets Etc.)
  • Talk with and get to know your neighbors
  • ​Notice when multiple moving trucks start showing up  and your neighbors are all leaving
  • ​Be aware of the 45 day requirement to say "Yes I want to move " to your landlord, in order to receive relocation funds once they give you a 90 day notice of a rent increase above 10%.  Read More


Pat Murray, community leader in the brain injury survivor community shares her story of six years of housing displacement, resulting from high rent increases.  

Commerical property owners, landlords, management companies have the upper hand on setting rent prices, rates of rent increases with full legislative sanctions for no holds barred on doubling and tripling rents.  Tenants are doing their best to maintain stable housing in a marketplace where accelerated rent prices dominate and are increasingly overwhelming their income capacities, wreaking major havoc in their lives.