4/6/17 Relating to the donation of tax refunds for housing; prescribing an effective date.  

Allows taxpayer to direct a portion of income tax refund for purpose of providing housing to Low-income persons.

4/6/17 HB 2210 - Provides financial incentives to multi-family rental property owners to retain affordable units, thus addressing the supply issue.   


(audio download available here)

4/4/17 3rd reading of  HB 2004 passed in the House 

Motion carried by Power, Piluso. Passed.Ayes, 31; Nays, 27--Barreto, Bentz, Buehler, Esquivel, Hack, Hayden, Heard, Huffman,

Johnson, Kennemer, Lewis, McKeown, McLane, Nearman, Noble, Olson, Parrish, Post, Reschke, Smith DB, Smith G, Sprenger,

Stark, Vial, Whisnant, Wilson, Witt; Excused, 2--Boone, Clem. Third reading. Carried by Power, Piluso. Passed.Ayes, 31;

Nays, 27--Barreto, Bentz, Buehler, Esquivel, Hack, Hayden, Heard, Huffman, Johnson, Kennemer, Lewis, McKeow**

3/30/17 HB2004 Revision Vote Passed

House Committee on Human Services and Housing- chaired by Representative Keny-Guyer met and discussed

HB 2004 amendment  proposal goes to 3rd reading.    (View video here)

Original Bill Introduced 

Listen to 4/4/17  House Committee on Human Services and housing Legislative Work Session led by Committee Chair, Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer hear testimony and discussion on House Bills proposing renter protections for mobile home park tenants/home-owners.   

HB2008, HB 2990, HB 3330-HB 3331.   Click Here 

HB 2990 Increases time period during which tenants of manufactured dwelling park must identify or form tenants committee for purpose of purchasing park from 10 days to 60 days.

HB 2008 Requires landlord of manufactured dwelling park to pay tenant necessary relocation costs or applicable manufactured dwelling park closure penalty, as determined by Office of Manufactured Dwelling Park Community Relations, upon closure of park to convert to other use.

HB 3331 Directs Office of Manufactured Dwelling Park Community Relations to establish and administer landlord-tenant dispute resolution program for disputes arising from notices of certain rent increases.

HB 3330 Permits city or county to impose controls on rental rates and rental rate increases applicable to spaces in facilities for manufactured or floating homes.

Work Session

HB 2210 Directs Housing and Community Services Department to develop and implement Retaining Affordable Rental Housing Program to provide grants to owners of multifamily rental housing to rehabilitate and maintain housing at affordable rental rates.

HB 2964 Extends ad valorem property tax exemption to existing qualified dwelling units of single-unit housing purchased by taxpayers seeking exemption.2017 Regular Session
House Committee On Human Services and Housing
4/4/2017 8:00 AM, HR E

Legislative Progress 

Tenants Priced Out!