Tenants Priced Out!

Community Alliance of Tenants (CAT)

Portland's oldest and renowned tenant member non-profit at the forefront of tenant rights advocacy and legislation in Oregon.  (Youtube video)

  • Advocacy training
  • Tenant education (landlord tenant rights) 
  • Organising tenants on-site
  • Coalition building and legislative actions for tenant protections
  • Affordable housing preservation and funding 
  • Tenant hot-line 
  • Housing justice volunteer opportunities 


Contact:  Katrina Holland, Executive Director

Monmoth Independent Tenants Union (MITU)

Oregon Housing Alliance 

Legislative advocacy for changes in Oregon State Law for:

  • Rent Stabilization 
  • Eradication of  No-Cause Evictions 
  • Oregon Housing Tax Credits for development and preservation of low-cost housing
  • Document Recording Fee increase for homelessness prevention and low-cost housing
  • Provides lobby training, coordination and support to tenants and organizations promoting legislative change and protections for tenants in Oregon.
  • Protecting homeowners and help to create new homeowners in Oregon


Learn about Lobby Day Training and Activity 

State of Oregon Legislative Support 

Tenant Support Organizations 

Federal Legislative  Support 

Mammoth Independent Tenant Union 

Advocacy for student tenants by:

  • The adoption of a formal procedure for reporting violations of the landlord-tenant law.
  • The creation of a “rental unit violation form”.
  • Expanded enforcement authority for Monmouth building inspectors.
  • Increased fines for negligent landlords.
  • Updated and expanded Housing Code.
  • Annual educational forums and outreach to tenants.

Northwest Pilot Project 

Provides support for seniors (55 and older):

Find rental housing

Temporary Shelter

Funds for moving

Information for other community services

Contact NWPP 

National Low Income Housing Coalition  (NLIHC)

Federal housing policy, advocacy and data compilation of major issues affectinglow income tenants including:

Fair housing

Budget appropriations

Housing Choice Vouchers

National Housing Trust Fund

Protecting Tenants at Forclosure Act

View and download "Tenant Talk"

Join and become a member.  Learn about Congressional Housing Bills, rental housing programs, renter in foreclosure toolkit and more.    

Lookup Elected Officials

Become active in one of NLIHC's ongoing campaigns. 


Portland Tenants United (PTU)

A growing tenant led, tenant union engaged in:

  • Tenant advocacy and rapid response actions  
  • Legislative change for increased tenant protections
  • Direct stance against predatory landlords 

Contact- Sammy Black, President   

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